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Dr Annelie van Breda

BA (Hons) & MA in Psychology, PhD (Psychotherapy)

Dr Annelie van Breda (PhD)  is a Psychologist  and offers psychotherapy to individuals and people in relationships. She has a special interest in eating disorders, especially Binge Eating Disorder. Annelie also teaches mindfulness and offers workshops to teach simple mindfulness practices to enhance the ability to face every day challenges. She has been part of the mindfulness community since 2008.

She did a M.A. in Psychology at Stellenbosch University and received a PhD in Psychology- Psychotherapy from the University of Pretoria. She studied to become a SIYLI certified teacher in 2018 and can now offer the original 2-day mindfulness-based emotional intelligence training programme developed at Google.

To book an appointment go to or call 021 007 0007 or 021 434 2244

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