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Janie Loubser

BA law, BA Hons Psych, MA Clin Psych

Janie has more than ten years’ experience as a clinical psychologist. Her theoretical background and foundation is psychoanalytic and psychodynamic combined with a mindful approach. She believes in working beyond disorders to an area of making meaning, being curious and attending compassionately to whatever challenges one might face.

Her treatment offers a space where you can explore all the different aspects of who you are in order to understand why you are experiencing discomfort. She has a positive outlook on people and believes that everyone has the ability to be more aware and that this awareness puts us in control of ourselves.

She believes that we can learn to form healthier relationships with ourselves and others which in turn has a positive effect on our overall health as well as the health and well-being of those around us. If you want to read more about Janie you can go to her website

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