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Masks for Medics, a disaster management fund, has been launched on BackaBuddy to protect our heroes on the frontline of Covid-19 who are the most at risk. The campaign aims to serve Central Cape Town, to the Cape Flats, and the surrounding Townships.

“There’s been so many campaigns to support frontline healthcare workers in hospitals across the country, which is immensely important. However, With our campaign, we are focusing on the forgotten; the home-based carers, the nurses caring for the elderly who are most susceptible to the virus, the paramedics and emergency response personnel called out to help those in need and the Palliative Care practitioners caring for those on their deathbeds,”- says Anthony Smith, a family doctor of over 20 years.

Support this campaign on BackaBuddy by making a donation here:

*All donors to this campaign are eligible to receive a Section18a Tax Certificate upon request issued by The Angel Network.

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